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Allow our expert and specialist team to translate your academic paper, document, manual, or otherwise from Thai to English or English to Thai.

Specialist Translators For Academic Language

We understand that academic language requires more than just standard translation. Using a regular translation service for university papers may result in a lower standard than desired due to a lack of knowledge about technical terms, phrases, and meaning. That's why we assign specialist translators who understand the field and subject at a level you expect.

Double-Checked By A Native Speaker Of The Target Language

Accuracy is essential when translating scholarly writing and sometimes a second pair of eyes can make all the difference. To ensure your translation is above standard, we assign a native speaker of your target language to double-check the translation for flow, style, grammar, and correct word usage.

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What To Expect From Our Academic Translations

We take great pride in ensuring your academic text is translated to the highest standard. Every translation is approached with the three following principles.

Academic Standards

You will receive a translation that is both an accurate and articulate representation of the source text. All translations include an editing process by a native speaker of the target language to ensure what you receive is of the highest standard regardless of the topic.

Timely Delivery

We know time is of the essence and you expect quality translations delivered in a timely manner. We guarantee your translation will reach your inbox within the specified timeframe. In fact - more than 70% of our translations are completed ahead of schedule!

Four Eyes Policy

We implement a "four eyes" policy on every document we translate. This means your translation is edited and proofread before it reaches you. This policy eliminates errors and results in an extremely high standard of translation whether in Thai or English.

Why Translate With Us?

Our team specializes in translating Thai to English and English to Thai. This specialization allows us to focus on providing high-quality translations according to the requirements of each specific text.

Specialist Academic Translations

Academic translations differ from other Thai to English or English to Thai translations due the requirement of specialist knowledge and accuracy by the translation team.

What Is Academic Translation?

Academic translations specifically refer to papers, manuscripts, reports, documents, and research studies related to higher education. These document types often contain specialist language, grammar, terms, rules, and styles that need proper assessment when being translated. Often, academic papers are written in a language that is not native to the reader. For example, a Thai professor may write an academic document in their native language, but require its translation to English so a wider audience can read it. Similarly, many academic papers are written in English and might feature phrases or technical terms that a native Thai person doesn't fully understand. Academic translations make bodies' work more widely accessible and available.

How Are Academic Texts Translated?

When it comes to translating academic texts, a good command of the language is not enough. Translators must have the ability to understand the language and terms used in the paper, and have familiarity with the subject or topic. Using a standard translation service or a freelance translator to undertake the task of translating an academic document regularly leads to errors. However, specialist translators can understand the entire research paper from the beginning and use that foundation to provide an accurate and stylish translation. As we use a native speaker of the target language to double-check all translations, you can be sure that our translations are of the highest quality.

Quality & Affordable Academic Translations

Our rates for academic translations are transparent and affordable. We offer a set standard rate for higher-level translations with small additional fees for highly technical documents.

  • Under 1,000 Words
    ฿2/word ฿1.5/word + 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ODRER
    Delivered within 5 days; includes free revisions.
  • 1,000 - 5,000 Words
    ฿1.8/word ฿1.5/word + 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ODRER
    Delivered within 5 days; includes free revisions.
  • More Than 5,000 Words
    ฿1.6/word ฿1.5/word + 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ODRER
    Delivered within a custom timeframe; includes free revisions.
  • More Than 50,000 Words
    Inquire Price
    Additional discounts available for large orders.
  • Highly Technical Documents
    As Assessed
    Additional fees may apply for highly technical documents.

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