Certified Legal Document Translations

Translate any legal document from Thai to English or English to Thai for use at immigration, embassies, courts, police stations, and other official places.

Certified Translation of Any Legal Document

Our translators are experienced in translating a wide variety of legal documents from Thai to English and English to Thai. We provide digital and hard copies of translations featuring a certified translation stamp and the signature of your translator.

We offer a similar format to your source document but do not attempt to fully replicate the design. Digital copies are delivered in PDF format while a hard copy is sent to the address of your choice.

Our base price includes the certified translation of your document featuring a stamp and signature, digital delivery in PDF format, and one hard copy of the certified translation sent to your address.

If you wish to have your translated document certified by the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), additional hard copies of your certified translation, or express delivery, additional fees may applies.

Common Documents

Process For Certified Translations

We assist you every step of the way when translating legal documents. In cases where original documents are required, we use courier services to ensure the safety of your source documents.

Send Your Source Document

We require your source document (passport, certificate, ID card, etc.) to begin the translation. If you require a certified translation only, we can accept a soft or digital copy of your document. However, if you require legalization from the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) you will need to provide the original document.

Receive Certified Translation

Within 72 hours of receiving your source document we will send you a digital copy of your certified translation featuring a certified stamp and the signature of your translator. A hard copy of the certified translation is also sent by registered mail and will arrive within 7-10 working days depending on your location.

Getting A Legalized Translation

Should you require legalization of your translated document by the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), we will return your orginal source document along with a hard copy of your certified translation and legalized translation by courier within 15 working days. Expedited delivery is available on request for an additional fee.

Why Translate With Us?

Our team specializes in translating Thai to English and English to Thai. This specialization allows us to focus on providing high-quality translations according to the requirements of each specific text.

What is a Certified Translation?

Certified translations are for official purposes and uses such as at immigration, police stations, courts, and other instances. A certified translation features a stamp and signature verifying that the translation is accurate and complete.

Certified Translation Requirements

To complete the full requirements for a certified translation of a legal document, the translation must provide an accurate word-for-word represntation of all visible text. Unlike other translation work, translators can not interpret the meaning or add/remove content.

The full and accurate translation of legal documents from Thai to English or English to Thai is a speciality of our experienced translators who understand that it is vital to provide our clients with translations that exactly represent the source documents.

Certified Translation Stamp & Signature

An essential part of a certified translation is the stamp and signature attached to the trabslated document. The certification must state that the document has been translated by a professional and qualified translator and is accurate and complete.

The certified translation ahould also feature the signature of your translator, contact details for the translation provider, and the date on which the translation was completed.

We provide the authorized signature of a qualified translator on every certfied translation from Thai to English or English to Thai in addition to our company name and contact information.

Certified Translation Uses

Certified translations are used for a variety of scenarios in Thailand and abroad, including:

  • Thai Immigration
  • Foriegn Embassies
  • Thai Courts
  • University Applications
  • Police Stations
  • Government Departments
  • Other Offical Cases

NOTE: Please note that in some cases a legalized tranlsation may be required rather than a certified translation.


Common questions about certified translations and legalized translations.

A certified translation is an accurate word-for-word translation of a legal document performed by a qualified human translator. It includes a certified translation stamp and signature for use in lgel and other circumstances. 

In Thailand, certified translations must possess the stamp and signature of a professional translator who is qualified in both languages. While you can certify your own translation, it is unlikely to be accepted by most organizations. 

A certified translation shows that the translated document has been professionally translated accurately and word-for-word. However, some Thai institutions and foreign embassies require translations to also be legalized by the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affaris). A legalized translation bears the stamp of the MFA to prove it is accurate and legal. 

At Sawadee Translations, we provide a digital copy of your fully certified translation within 72 hours. Hard copies are delivered within 7-10 working days depending on your location. 

Due to an extended process for legalized translations, the timeframe is slightly longer than certified translations only. We aim to have your legalized translation completed and delivered back to you within 15 working days. *Please note that due to the current coronavirus situation times may vary. 

For certified translations we provide tracked postal delivery. If you wish to have your certified translation delivered by courier an additional fee may apply. Legalized translations are always delivered by courier within Bangkok.

Yes, if you have an urgent request, please contact us to let us know about your requirements. 

We require full payment up-front for all certfied translation services. 

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