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Get fast, accurate, and professional translations of your business documents, corporate presentations, promotional materials, and more from just 1.6 baht/word.

Reach New Markets & Customers

Brands that translate their content and information into more than one language increase the chances of earning new business interactions, leading to sales and conversions. In Thailand, presenting your portfolio, products, or services in both English and Thai is essential for reaching targets and growing your business.

Translate Internal Presentations & Memos

The majority of offices in Thailand are multi-cultural featuring a mix of native Thai speakers and foreign staff who primarily communicate in English. Translating important manuals, memos, presentations, and other internal documents into both languages can ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.

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Technical Translations

Financial Reports

Promotional Materials

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What To Expect From A Business Translation

Business translations require a number of skills to ensure they accurately reflect the information of the source document. When using Sawadee Translations, you can enjoy many benefits.


All of our translations are completed to the highest standard with the accuracy of translation an important factor when performing the translation. We guarantee that the final translation will accurately reflect the source document.


Our standard turnaround times are within five working days, however, we also provide same-day and 24-hour turnaround services for emergency translations. We can work with you on any urgent work or requirements.


Our editing process is unique as every translation is double-checked by a native speaker of the target language. This ensures accuracy, style, flow, and ensures every translation you receive is of the highest standard.

Why Translate With Us?

Our team specializes in translating Thai to English and English to Thai. This specialization allows us to focus on providing high-quality translations according to the requirements of each specific text.

Why Does A Business Need Translations?

We surveyed local SME owners in Thailand who offer customers content, promotional materials, newsletters, and other methods of communication in both Thai and English to find out what they felt was the most important aspect of using both languages in business. The top ten answers are as follows:

  • 1. Cultural Relevancy 100%
  • 2. Business Localization 100%
  • 3. Improve Local Market Share100%
  • 4. Convey The Correct Message100%
  • 5. Better Understand Technical Language100%
  • 6. Increase Productivity 100%
  • 7. Improve Brand Credibility100%
  • 8. Better Manage Daily Operations100%
  • 9. Boost Sales100%
  • 10. Improve Online Presence 100%

Ask About Our Monthly Business Translation Plans

If you need regular business or corporate translations, we can design a package to suit your needs.

Privacy is key
We offer confidentiality agreements to all business and corporate clients to ensure sensitive documents are protected and secure.
Stay in the Loop
Business clients who use our monthly plans have a dedicated manager who speaks both Thai and English to ensure all their needs are met.
Great Value!
We offer significant discounts for monthly contracted clients who reach higher word limits per month. Let us know your needs today.

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