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Reach a wider audience by publishing your website content in both Thai and English. Multi-language websites can significantly increase website visitors, leads, and sales.

SEO-Friendly Website Translations & Localization

Ranking your website organically is essential in today's online world. At Sawadee Translations, we understand the importance of translating content that is not only engaging but also includes keywords and structure that helps your multi-language website rank on major search engines.

Engaging Translations For Your Target Audience

You want engaging, user-friendly translated content on your website and that's exactly what you get with our Thai to English or English to Thai website localization service. Keep your website visitors engaged whether they are browsing your company profile, products, or blog content.

Personal Websites

Blogs & Article Websites

E-Commerce Websites

Forum/Community Websites

Online Business Websites

Directory/Listing Websites

Photo Sharing/Portfolio Websites

Landing Page Websites

Choose Your Translation Format

Depending on your needs, we can provide your translation in several different formats. Simply choose a format that is most convenient to you.

Text Translation Format

Simply send us a Word, Notepad, Excel, or other text document format, and we will translate the content for you. We can also work with filenames, alt text, and metadata for images and graphics.

Original File Translations

We can translate your website directly into the source code to save you the hassle of transferring content from a text file to PHP, HTML, XML, or other formats used for programming.

CMS/On-Page Translations

If you use a common Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress Joomla, Prestashop, WHMCS, etc., we can insert translations directly onto your website so it is ready to publish.

Why Translate With Us?

Our team specializes in translating Thai to English and English to Thai. This specialization allows us to focus on providing high-quality translations according to the requirements of each specific text.

Why Should You Translate Your Website?

There are many reasons to translate your website including an increase in search visibility, more website traffic, a rise in conversions and sales, and the ability to reach a whole new audience.

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Increase in website traffic
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Reduction in bounce rate
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Better visibility on search engines

Dual language websites receive an instant boost in organic traffic as they offer content that appeals to users in two languages. Websites that have content in both Thai and English average up to 60% more visitors than those which feature only one language. This is essential for any website owner whether you are running a blog, business, e-commerce platform, or any other form of website.

Bounce rate refers to the number of pages every website user visits before they exit your website. A high bounce rate means most users leave your website after visiting just one page, while a low bounce rate means most users visit more than one page before leaving your website. Multi-language websites can drastically reduce bounce rates and increase pages viewed on each website visit.

Organic traffic is the most valuable asset of any website. One of the best ways to increase search engine visibility and organic traffic is by publishing your website in two languages. Websites that offer content in both Thai and English appear on search results for key terms and keywords of both languages. Naturally, this leads to more visibility online, more clicks to your website, and more conversions.

Go Further With Our Full Website Translation Service

Don't know where to start with translating your website? Need help fixing technical issues and set up for website translations? Our technical translation services take care of everything!

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Don't worry about sending files for translations and configuring them afterwards. We can configure translations directly on your website.
3,000 baht/one-time fee
Plugin Installation
& Setup
We can choose the best translation plugin for your CMS, install and configure it on your behalf. Our technical team offer support throughout.
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Our expert team can analyze your on-page and technical SEO setup and optimize it for multi-language SEO in Thai and English.

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