5 Main Differences Between Certified and Standard Translation 

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It’s a hot day in the afternoon and you’ve got to get a legal document that your boss has been nagging you about for weeks translated from Thai into English with fast and precise service, so you look around the Sawadee Translations website and one question comes to mind…what is the difference between a standard translation and a certified translation? I have the exact answer for you.

1.      The formatting

Certified translations replicate the format of its source file. While we strive to exactly copy the formatting of your source file, we also do our best to make it look as similar as possible so that anyone comparing the two won’t have any trouble matching each block of text. On the other hand, standard translations are more flexible with the formatting to be adjusted into media that differs from the source material.

2.      Purposes

If you’re looking to use your translated documents legally then your certified translations have got you covered because they represent an accurate word-for-word translation of your document, but if you’re looking for something less formal – standard is the way to go.

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3.      Professionalism

Now that you’ve decided on which type you will use, let’s get on to the actual translation, shall we? The one distinct aspect that certified translations have is the ability to use the document legally. The translation comes with a company (that has been legally registered as a translation provider) stamp along with the actual signature of the translator.

4.      Accuracy

On top of getting the right format and being able to use it legally, certified translations are very much spot on with the exact wording from the original source. Though, this is not to say that standard translations are any less accurate, but it is handled with the focus of having the reader easily understand the original content in their preferred language without sounding like a robot.

5.      Formality

Finally, and perhaps the most important one of all: the degree of formality. Certified translations will always be formal, just like how you’re going to dress in appropriate clothes and watch your mannerisms when attending an official meeting at work – translating in order to use it legally is the same. Standard translations will entirely depend on the original source and the wants of our customer.


Hopefully, you are able to make it to this last part and if you do, you should be at least confident or sure on which type of translation you will choose but if you are still unsure then you can either use the chat that is provided on the Sawadee Translation website (the green speech mark on the bottom left of your screen), contact us via email: [email protected], or call us at tel:+6620144656. If you are looking to have a certified or a standard translation done, contact us now to get free a quote and a 10% welcome discount!


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