How Adding Subtitles Can Help Your YouTube Video Go Viral 

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We can’t deny that we use YouTube as our search engine as much as we use Google, that’s why there are tons of new YouTube channels every day, and all YouTubers’ goal is the same… more views! There are so many ways to increase the views of your videos but one of the best ways is very simple – add subtitles to your videos, and here are the reasons why:


1.      Increases your SEO ranking

This is one of the best advantages of adding subtitles to your videos. Your texts in the videos will be searchable and will be ranked higher in searches compared to videos without subtitles because keywords are also important to videos, not just contents. If your videos are spoken in Thai with options of English and Thai subtitles, your videos will be ranked higher in SEO not only locally but globally. You know how important SEO is, so you might want to consider adding subtitles to your videos if you haven’t already.


2.      Reaches wider audiences

Having more audiences or viewers is the main goal of your channel if you want your videos to go viral. Without them, there will be no sponsors and no income. So, you might want to try everything you can to be able to reach more audiences. Adding subtitles is a great way to get more viewers from different cultures including people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. The fact that anyone that has internet can access YouTube means that your audiences are everywhere! You don’t want any of them to feel left alone, right?


3.      Gives viewer flexibility

People won’t be able to watch your videos with the sound all the time. They might be in a quiet library, in a noisy subway, in a busy restaurant waiting for their food, or even simpler – they don’t have headphones. If you don’t have subtitles in your videos, those people will likely just close the videos and search for new ones they can enjoy. So, why not provide them the flexibility and convenience that also benefits your channel?

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4.      Helps viewers to improve comprehension

If your channel is an education channel, adding subtitles is a must. Imagine teaching Thai to foreign students and trying to get them to pronounce Thai words. It will help your students to understand what to say better if they can see the subtitles. Even if you’re teaching in the same language as the viewers, subtitles can help you a lot with technical terms to avoid confusion. I’m sure you don’t want people to unsubscribe from your channel just because you don’t have subtitles in your videos. Let’s add that to your videos right now!

Now that we know your videos can go viral by just adding subtitles, and you might be wondering where can you get your videos translated. Sawadee translations got your back! Contact us for a free quote, let’s increase your views and subscriptions together! We also offer a 10% discount on your first order. Let us help you!

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Sara is a Thai national who has spent many years working in various locations around the world. She has a passion for language - both Thai and English - and works as a certified translator for Sawadee Translations.

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