Why You Need Your Website in Both Thai & English 

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If you have your own business in Thailand, you might already have a website for your business in Thai, right? Have you ever thought about doing it in English as well? Sure, your main target might be Thai people since you’re in Thailand but if you’re planning to expand your business, adding English to your website can open your business to a wide range of new customers and ex-pats living in Thailand. Let’s take a look at some good reasons you should have your website in both Thai and English.



If you’re in Thailand, you must know that there are a large number of expatriates residing in Thailand even during the COVID-19 situation. Having your website in both Thai and English will help you to reach all potential customers and expand your target group. You’ll be able to increase the traffic on your website which means your business will grow even more. This can happen easily by just adding extra language to your website, so why not?



I’m not saying that your company doesn’t look professional (please don’t get me wrong). What I’m trying to say is that you can look even more professional by adding either English or Thai to your website. It shows the customers that you care and you make an effort to reach them. They will feel important and subconsciously think of you as a professional. Actually, when you see a multi-language website or even a bilingual website, you’ll automatically assume that they are professionals even without talking to them and that is a good image to have for your business.


Trust and Credibility

How can customers trust something they don’t understand, right? If they’re not Thai and happen to see your website written in Thai, they will still have their doubts because they have no idea what you’re saying (and vice versa). On the other hand, if you also have your website in English (or Thai), you can express your feelings and gratitude, put some details about your business, add some reviews in another language for customers to be able to read and understand, they will put more trust in you, and that will also build up your credibility.

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Online searches

In 2021, especially with the COVID-19 situation going on, the internet is the first option when people want to shop or search for a service. That being said, it’s very important to get your website as one of the first websites to appear on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Having a bilingual website means you have twice the opportunity to be in the higher rank on the SERPs and it will increase the growth of your business in just weeks!



This one is pretty simple. You can easily beat your competitors if you have your website translated and they don’t! There are so many expatriates residing in Thailand but the number of dual language websites with both Thai and English is the opposite. If you take a look at your competitors and see that they only have their websites in only Thai or English, take the advantage of translating your website to either Thai or English and you won’t believe the results.

Having your website in both Thai and English is a great advantage for your business. If you’re a business owner and would like to get your website translated but have no idea where to find a good translator that will put full dedication and consideration to your business, Sawadee Translations can help you with that. We provide translation services in both Thai and English at a reasonable price in addition to the full setup of new languages on your business website. Contact us to get a free quote and receive your 10% welcome discount!

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Narisara Senavinin

Sara is a Thai national who has spent many years working in various locations around the world. She has a passion for language - both Thai and English - and works as a certified translator for Sawadee Translations.

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