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In today’s online world, selling your products in multiple languages is essential to reach the widest possible audience. Our eCommerce and marketing translation service can assist you with increasing sales across multiple platforms. 

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How Can Multi-Language Marketing Improve Your Sales?

Our team consists of marketing and eCommerce experts in addition to professional translators in Thai, English, and other languages. We can not only translate your eCommerce descriptions and advertisements but also ensure the translations are engaging leading to real results. 

Multi-Language Product Descriptions

Displaying your products in multiple languages can instantly boost sales across multiple platforms. Whether you list your products on Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, Lazada, a website, or any other online platforms, creating your product descriptions in Thai, English, and other relevant languages is a must!

eCommerce Website Localization

If you sell your products or services on a website, implementing two or more languages instantly boosts the opportunities to increase sales. Multi-language eCommerce websites rank higher on search engines, attract new customers, and increase brand trust and visibility.

Advertising Content Translations

If you are selling products or services online you are likely running ads on search engines, social media, and eCommerce platforms. We can assist with translation advertising content including images, graphics, content, and other forms of materials to reach audiences speaking other languages. 

Multi-Language Customer Support

Customers will generally inquire about goods or services in their preferred language. If your team only speaks one language it can reflect poorly on your brand and lead to misunderstandings. We offer multi-language admin services to ensure every customer gets the best support regardless of which language they speak!

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Translating marketing materials and eCommerce descriptions from Thai to English, English to Thai, or in other languages requires expert knowledge and know-how. That’s why it’s essential to use a translation service that understands how marketing works.

Our translators specialize in a range of platforms for eCommerce and marketing including:

What You Can Expect From Our Service

Product description translations, eCommerce translation, and advertising translations require knowledge to ensure the translated content accurately reflects the source description and attracts customers to make a purchase. When using Sawadee Translations, you can enjoy many benefits.

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01 Competitive Rates

We offer excellent rates for the translation of product descriptions, and other eCommerce content starting from just 1.5 baht/word with 10% off your first order.

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02 Fast & Accurate

All of our translations are completed to the highest standard with every translation proofread by a native speaker of the target language.

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03 Customer Care

We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and always keep you updated throughout the translation process in both Thai and English.

Our Client Portfolio

ecommerce 1

We work with the Real Diamond Club luxury brand, assisting them with English and Thai product descriptions, advertising, and marketing graphics attracting a huge fanbase for the brand. 

ecommerce 2

Our work with Daisy Chain Aroma Shop includes product description translation on Lazada and Shopee in addition to eCommerce website localization. Since translating their content from English to Thai, they have enjoyed a huge uplift in sales across Thailand.

ecommerce 3

We have translated more than 2,000 product descriptions for Little Home, helping them reach expats in Thailand on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Lazada, and Shopee. 

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We Pride Ourselves On Exceptional Quality

Allow our expert translators to assist you with Thai to English translations and English to Thai translations for a broad range of document types. Each translation is checked twice for flow, style, and accuracy by a native speaker of the target language.

Professional, Expert & Native Translators

Our team of Thai and native English-speaking translators are all based in Thailand. Every translation is checked by a native speaker of the target language to ensure consistency and accuracy in every translation completed.

Secure & Confidential Translations

Your privacy is important. That's why we encrypt all contact made through our website via SSL and offer confidentiality agreements for all translations. Rest assured - your documents are safe, secure, and confidential with us!

Fast Turnaround & Emergency Translations

Our standard turnaround time for translations is among the fastest you will find in Thailand. However, if you have an emergency or you are working to a tight deadline, we can provide same-day translations at the same high standard.