Professional Interpreting Service in Thailand

Our specialist team is available to meet your professional or private interpretation needs in English and Thai throughout Thailand or online.

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Choose The Interpretation Style For Your Needs

We offer a range of interpretation styles from Thai to English and English to Thai. Choose the style most suited to your needs or contact us for more information and advice about choosing an interpreter in Thailand.

Simultaneous Interpreting

You may be familiar with this style of interpreting from watching conferences or large meetings at places like the UN. For simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter wears headphones and a microphone and repeats the speaker as they are talking without any hesitation or breaks. 

Consecutive Interpreting

Unlike simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting does not happen at the same time as the speaker. Instead, the speaker will communicate a phrase or sentence and then wait for the interpreter to translate it. This is common for small business meetings. 

Whisper Interpreting

Like a private interpretation service, whisper interpreting is ideal for consultations, business meetings, court, and other instances where the receiver wishes to understand the speaker quietly and quickly. The interpreter will repeat the speaker in a soft tone to the receiver. 

Phone/Online Interpreting

A perfect type of interpreting during the work-from-home era, phone or online interesting can be done remotely via a dial-in service, Skype, Teams, or other communication software. This type of interpreting could be customized depending on individual needs. 

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Expert Interpretation Services

Sawadee Translations has a team of interpreters with experience and expertise across a range of topics. We are available to interpret in-person anywhere in Thailand.

We specialize in English and Thai interpretation. If you require other language pairs, please make a request and we will do our best to assist you.

What You Can Expect From Our Service

Interpreting requires specific skills to ensure the message accurately reflects what the speaker is saying. When using Sawadee Translations, you can enjoy many benefits.

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01 Competitive Rates

We offer excellent rates for interpreting services, starting from just 1,500 baht/hour with a wide range of styles available.

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02 Transcribing

We offer discounted transcribing services for all interpretation clients. Get a record of the translation in writing for further reference.

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03 Customer Care

We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and always keep you updated throughout the process when hiring an interpreter.

We Work With Brands You Trust

100’s of companies, universities, and individuals trust our translation service.

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We Pride Ourselves On Exceptional Quality

Allow our expert translators to assist you with Thai to English translations and English to Thai translations for a broad range of document types. Each translation is checked twice for flow, style, and accuracy by a native speaker of the target language.

Professional, Expert & Native Translators

Our team of Thai and native English-speaking translators are all based in Thailand. Every translation is checked by a native speaker of the target language to ensure consistency and accuracy in every translation completed.

Secure & Confidential Translations

Your privacy is important. That's why we encrypt all contact made through our website via SSL and offer confidentiality agreements for all translations. Rest assured - your documents are safe, secure, and confidential with us!

Fast Turnaround & Emergency Translations

Our standard turnaround time for translations is among the fastest you will find in Thailand. However, if you have an emergency or you are working to a tight deadline, we can provide same-day translations at the same high standard.