5 Major Benefits of Using CAT Tools 

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Time and time again I find myself thinking how lucky we are to be alive in today’s world, where the cities are vast and bright, new connections can be made across the globe, and an endless realm of possibilities are just a click away. And who do we have to thank for all of this? Why, technology, of course! Technology has brought us amazing advancements in science, travel, and entertainment, and has even reached the world of translation. Today, we have Computer Assisted Translation, or CAT Tools, designed to help you produce quality translations.

But what’s so great about them anyway? Let’s find out.


1.      CAT Tools make your work look easier

Have you ever looked at a vast document and thought, I’m never going to finish this? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Some translation jobs can be really discouraging, especially if they’re long and tedious, but CAT Tools can make all of that go away. The program breaks down your document into short segments that you can easily work through, which can keep you motivated throughout the process.

2.      Improve your accuracy

In addition to breaking down the document, CAT Tools allow you to see the original text and your translation side by side, making it a lot easier to ensure you’re translating the right thing or interpreting the original document correctly. CAT Tools also have a translation memory – if the program recognizes that you’ve used a certain phrase again in a later segment, it can automatically pull the previous translation over for you. Amazing, right?

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3.      Great for progress tracking

Some CAT Tools let you check off your progress as you go, so you’re aware of exactly where you are and what you need to do next. Whether you’re translating or proofreading, CAT Tools can keep you on track and make sure you finish each task before moving on to the next job.

4.      They make teamwork convenient

Do you remember the time when we still had to copy and share each and every document so that the next person could edit it? Well, that time is long gone. Now is the time to celebrate, because CAT Tools let your entire team work on the same document! You can even assign people different tasks which, trust me, makes everything run more smoothly and is a lot better for organization.

5.      (Almost) no formatting needed!

This might be my favorite thing about working with CAT Tools. Once you’ve finished the translation and downloaded it, CAT Tools will format the text to look as similar to the original document as possible. Of course, you’ll still need to check it again, just in case, but it’s still a whole lot more convenient, isn’t it?

So, what do you think? After getting to know them a little better, wouldn’t you like to give CAT Tools a try? They’re everything a translator needs: convenience, organization, and accuracy, and they are guaranteed to help you produce better work in less time and less difficulty. And if you’re looking to have a quality translation done, look no further. Here at Sawadee Translations, we use CAT Tools to make sure our translations are up to your standard. Contact us now for a free quote and a 10% welcome discount!

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